Resistance to Islamic Culture

How can we protect the women of our western culture from sharia law…

and still conserve an openness that prevents the myopic vision of a ‘them versus us’ scenario in today’s social situation in France?

Génération Identitaire is a group of young French nationals whose goal is to wage war against the influx of extra-Europeans into France,

specifically the Muslim population that is growing by leaps and bounds. (According the INSEE-National Institute of Statistics, 43% of the population of Paris are immigrants)

Refusing to become a “conquered” people, these young people feel the need to “take back their country” before their culture is lost.

In October they held a protest on the roof of an unfinished mosque in Poitiers (a scene reminiscent of the darker moments in history) demanding a referendum on France’s immigration laws.

Aspiring to re-appropriate French culture, history and social services, they say that a country can recover from many things but not from the replacement of their national population.

More recently a protest march was held in Paris.  With slogans like “RESISTANCE AU FASCISME ISLAMISTE” (Resist Fascist Islam) fervently being chanted, they hope to make a difference.

The last official census in France in 2012 estimated there are 6.5 million Muslims in France, and with a higher fertility rate per household it is estimated that by 2030 they could make up 40% of the French population.

It seems that the target of the protester’s anger is aimed towards sharia law rather than individual Muslims or Islamic Culture.

However, the social unrest is mounting and both sides appear very angry and we all know that anger only breeds anger.

There is very little about any of this in the French press. Why is this?

Today there are some 750 “No Go Zones” in France; areas within cities where the French authorities do not rule and will not go, known as Dar al-Islam, “the place where Muslims rule.”

The fervor on both sides reminds me of those whose faith is irrefutable to the point of blindness!

Where this all may lead remains to be seen, as the temperature rises towards civil disorder at best and a form of urban warfare at worst.

By Blake and Boky