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Most sculpture on this site is for sale, but some of the work shown here are already sold and are only left as examples of the past work of the artist.
If you are interested in purchasing a sculpture please click on the "Request Availability" button and we will return your inquiry within 24 hours.
This means that there exists only one example of this sculpture and there will never be another example of this sculpture made.
"Edition of 8" signifies a "Limited Edition" of only eight examples of the specific sculpture displayed. Bronze sculptures are cast from a wax copy using the "Lost Wax Process", this process allows a number of examples of the same sculpture to be created. Please search "Lost Wax Casting Process" for more information about this ancient method of casting bronze. Blake guarantees that there are or will be only one single "Edition" created of these sculptures. This "Edition" will be limited to a total of 8 (eight) examples, including "Artist's Proofs" of the sculpture and that no other "Edition" of any kind will be made. If there are "Artist's Proofs" in existence in addition to the "Edition of 8" then the heading will read "Edition of 8 with 4 Artist's Proofs" this is the case for the fist two sculptures that Blake created in Paris in the late 1980's.
"Edition of 3" signifies a "Limited Edition" of exactly three examples of the specific sculpture in shown. In the case of Marble sculptures this heading will show either an "Edition of 3" or "Edition of 6". In these cases the Marble sculptures in question have been carved in either 3 (three) or 6 (six) examples only and no other examples of these works will ever be created.
If you wish to inquire if the specific sculpture shown on that web page is available for sale, please look just above the "Request Availability Button" to the "Location", to see if it indicates that the artwork is "Sold". If there is a "Location" indicated, either North America or Europe, then please click on the Request Availability Button. A message will be sent directly to Blake and you will receive a response within 24 (twenty four) hours.
This means that Bitcoin will be accepted in most cases should you wish to buy an artwork with Bitcoin. Please click the "Request Availability Button" and indicate that you would like to pay in Bitcoin for the details. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.
Yes we will ship the sculpture to you where ever you wish in the world.