Inspired by the grace and symmetry of classical realism, my works explores an irresistible alchemy of sensuality and sentiment, a form of beauty that is sometimes distorted by our demons, and other times enchanted by all that’s pure within our souls. The three bodies of work that have evolved from this figurative heritage are what I believe to be timeless commentaries on our human condition.

Seeking to give my art purpose the Fragments Collection decry explosive remnants of war left over a century of our civilization’s continuous cycle of conflict. While the ReThink series carries on the activist cause challenging the conservative values that lead us to discrimination and injustice.

The Spirits are collections of materializing bodies, crystalizing before us, expanding the classical figure by exposing an internal landscape within. The strength of our embodied humanity is encased in the multi-layered shell that stands as evidence of the many layers we create to both identify and to protect ourselves in the physical world. Within is an abstraction of the figure characterizing our spirit in a renewed relationship to the human form. These artworks insist that we look inside ourselves in order to open conscious communication between our exterior identity and the internal landscape of soul and self.

Collaborates with conceptual artist Boky Hackel-Ward


Abstraction versus objectivity and an immaterial world that exists beyond the obvious….Mikhail Larionov’s words to Natalia Goncharova in 1900: “Open your eyes to your eyes” are the beginning of a tremendous love story and artistic collaboration between what would one day become a husband and wife creative entity.  Each with their own road to follow yet passing through all the stages of love, that culminate in the lyrical.  “Open your eyes to your eyes” is a sentiment that very much mirrors our creative development and our story.

My artistic development and sensibilities were formatted, not only by the institutions, but more importantly by a life lived in a conceptual world where abstraction and form have battled it out with the linguist and the philosopher and have led to an ephemeral body of work.