Freedom of Thought

As a result of the changing technology that has taken over our lives we are now connected and affected by events in many different parts of the world on a daily basis.

This type of information will change how secure we feel in our own environment.

Of course we are aware that the world has never been a safe place.

Today we may feel that we are so much more civilized and therefore we are at less risk than at other times throughout history, but I am not sure that this is the case.

I think that it is safe to say that we are at less risk from physical harm than at other times in history.

Undoubtedly we know far greater freedom of thought, expression and speech, at least in a large part of the world we are safe from persecution.

The freedom that has lead to our leap in technological advancement is the freedom that is cherished by our institutions of learning, our schools and universities.

For in these scholarly offices it is expected that every notion of truth, be it scientific, sacred, secular or even foul can be overturned, examined and debated freely.

It is here that disturbing ideas of any sort may be introduced without risk to the physical safety of the speaker, and seriously considered with the only exceptions being ideas that promote violence, and hatred.

Even the politically incorrect must be sheltered from physical harm and rebutted with correct and true ideas rather than subjected to censorship of any form.

Our centers of learning should be a place for ideas, principals and ethics that can stand and be discussed based on their merits.

These institutions must protect the freedom to speak ideas and the freedom of dissent and although we should be tolerant of an individual’s ideological doctrine, these beliefs can be heard in other institutions of that individual’s choice.

For freedom of religion is also freedom from religion.

We must protect the freedom to speak our ideas and to choose our beliefs, without fear or reprisals, for this remains the basis of a free and progressive society.

By Blake and Boky

Photo: The Unnamed Prophet No.1