A Dream Catcher

“Build me a dream catcher” she said…..“Build me a dream catcher!” she insisted.

I felt like I should be in the desert with my broken down plane talking to a young man with yellow hair, the Little Prince, who wanted more than anything that someone draw him a sheep….

I was transported, yet unsure what she meant or what she wanted me to do….

First of all, what is a dream catcher?

According to legend, the Native American Indians believe that our dreams are messages sent to us by scared spirits.

The hole in the middle allows the good dreams to come through, while the bad ones are caught by the web surrounding it and will disappear at first light.

For me dream catchers are something else.

I build what I call dream catchers to protect my Spirits, all of them, Angels and Phantoms.

The dream catcher cradles them, providing strength to the wax structure and keeping it from being broken or deformed due to temperature changes that might occur before arriving at the foundry.

The analogy is clear, while Native American Indians are protected by their dream catchers, so too are my Angels, protected by the dream catchers that I build for them.

There is more to this analogy though….

The hole in the middle is meant for the good dreams to come through, allowing the sacred spirits to send their messages, ultimately affecting the dreamer’s life.

Similarly, while my sculptures are protected, it is the dream catcher itself that guides and delivers the bronze to where it must go!

It is the window by which the bronze is delivered.

Without the dream catcher there would be no Angel….and yes, we can take that one step further and say that dream catchers inspire creation, capturing our imagination and our visions.

They are the windows that create forever, infinity, love and our connection with the universe.

Dream catchers capture our consciousness and have the power to catapult us into the unknown…

I think this is what my Angel meant….

By Boky and Blake