An Endless Cycle

Artists live in an endless cycle, always considering their next oeuvre.

They trap ideas on napkins, in notebooks and small boxes.

They see an empty canvas or a piece of inanimate clay as a concept, hypothesis, or simply a plan bursting with hope and opportunity.

The act itself carries some magic with it; just ask any mother.

Some mythological theologies associate creation with god-like qualities, but the reference that I like the most is as a “true act of change”.

It is a process of transformation, a dance with a pencil or a chisel, today even a virtual idea qualifies as a partner in a new song.

Bringing that idea into the light and giving it life can be as meditative or spiritual a practice as the author may desire.

Who would deny that there is a type of enchantment manifested within the process?

It is an activity that is born within each person, from an idea that begins with that individual’s situation, experience, memory, interests and passion.

We create around things we care about, ideas that we feel are consequential, and have an undeniable importance in our lives.

These are the things that we have to speak of, in one form or another.

It begins with a vision and the promise of expression.

Creation follows certain edicts, yet in contrast to the laws of physics, its guiding principals are constantly changing in the world of art.

They are not restricted by the laws of matter, but reach out to discover new possibilities and seek to defy limitations.

As we begin to create within virtual realms we might even lose contact with the material elements that we are exploring.

Even “object art” is seeing a change in the manner that it is created.

Still, we lose ourselves in the obsessive nature of our efforts, striving for perfection and originality, expression and above all, a voice of our own.

Finally, we declare the work finished or abandon the project in anticipation of the next oeuvre that has taken over our creative mind in that endless cycle, that both consumes and invigorates us, begins again.

This is our life, passing from one creation to another.

Chasing the dream that wakes us in the middle of the night with an image or a melody and we can’t wait to get to the studio to capture it.

By Blake & Boky

Tibet: a Portrait sculpture of a bald man in bronze with Chinese character painted in his face. Created by Blake Ward Blake Sculpture An Endless Cycle

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