The Silent Majority

When might we learn enough to stop repeating our history?

When will we overcome our tendency to insist that we are right and the others are wrong?

When will the majority of people stand up to the few who threaten a more tolerant society?

What of the human rights and the rights of women that are denied within a number of ideologies and cultures?

Will these rights always be denied?

Often in history the majority of people within a society or culture remain peaceful in the face of adversity and allow a minority to control them, to the detriment of all.

There are situations that are developing in our world that are dangerous for the majority and yet most remain silent.

At which point should we, as a civilized society react and how?

Remaining tolerant in the face of the extreme behaviour of fanatics lost within their own mysticism; who kill for the sake of their own god with the idea that we are either one of them or we are against them; is not the answer.

While a civilized society is tolerant and respectful of others, their customs and beliefs, there is a point where we should wake up to the reality that we might be crushed by a radical minority.

So what do we do?

Stand back and watch it happen? Again?

Or embrace that tendency I mentioned earlier, the one where we insist that we are right and they are wrong?

It feels like a feedback loop, doesn’t it?

Ultimately the question is how do we create an integrated society?

One in which respect reigns over fanaticism and mystical fervour, one that allows for differences.

If we join the silent majority we are turning our backs on human rights, women’s rights and respect for humanity in general.

As artists we have a voice that reaches far and can make a difference.

Let’s use it!

By Blake & Boky