Reconditioning the mind requires living outside the box.

In both creativity as well as in plain madness.

After all people pay madmen to show them a new way.

That is why there is an art market.

Still, there must be that moment of awe if there is to be lasting art.

Technical ability is only one page in a book that hasn’t yet been written.

We cannot blindly adhere to conformity.


This is why we like to live on the edge.

To find the edge we need to do different things and do things differently.

Typically, figurative sculpture doesn’t move, so lets have some parts of the figure designed so that they move in one way or another.

Obviously not in the same way that a human body moves, there is nothing different about that.

The traditional bronze figure only presents the exterior of the model, so lets focus on the interior.

There is so much more to say about things within, especially within ourselves.

Conventionally a figure is presented as a whole or sometimes as a torso, but rarely are there random pieces missing.

In the Spirits Collection it is within the missing pieces that the story is told.

Where the surface is supposed to be smooth, my surfaces are made of layers.

It came about by living the art, becoming part of it along with that insatiable need to push against something.


What is figurative sculpture in the 21st century?

Does it reflect reality like a mirror image?

Then what reality, the inner or the exterior surface?

Is it only what we can see?

What if what matters is that which we cannot see, but rather that which only our heart can comprehend?

Or as Friedrich Nierzsche said; “those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”


In this secret language that is the poetry of art, the verses are sometimes muted.

Things are not always as clear as we would like them be yet art holds the mystery and the power to speak of a thousand things into a thousand different ears.

When we are left speechless, when we cannot tear our eyes away or separate our emotions from a work of art, then genius is confirmed.

Art is about standing breathless after the dance.

By Blake & Boky