The Prophecy of Happiness

Must I be happy to be creative?

Or is it because I’ve created something that is considered wonderful that I feel happiness?

Sometimes we encounter things because it is the right time for us to understand them.

Recently, I was introduced to the work in Positive Psychology of Dr. Christian André (psychiatrist at the Hôpital Sainte Anne in Paris) and Martin Seligman (author of S’épanouir).

I was fascinated by how their ideas would apply to my work and the theme of self-awareness and consciousness that I base the art on.

Positive psychology is a branch of this area of science that is devoted to encouraging and developing everything in a person that is good…our potential, our dreams.

Often in the past, the focus has been on limiting and improving the things that were not so good in us, like anxiety, stress factors, fear, suffering and depression.

In positive psychology these negative factors are not ignored, but a new dimension is added in order for us to be able to reach our potential through personal development.

All by simply strengthening and cultivating our relationship with ourselves and with the outer world.

The fact is that life doesn’t allow for a permanent state of happiness but self-awareness and meditation helps us find serenity more often.

Dr. André uses Buddhist principles of meditation to help his patients.

Happiness is being aware of the moment we are living in.

As in, “I feel good now, at this very moment, I feel lucky to be here and I am aware of this”.

This opens the gate to happiness.

Awareness allows us to move through that gate.

Regarding work, if we think we’re good at our work, that brings us happiness.

However, judging our performance is dangerous because the day that we don’t perform as well we might throw dissonance into our sense of self-worth.

Conversely, happiness and well-being are the catalysts to great performance because we are open and turned outward toward the world.

We are more able to step back and look at things differently, allowing our minds to try new ideas and as a result our creativity is exalted.

Happiness is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

By Boky and Blake