Multi Dimensional Dreaming

Photo of a one-quarter life-size partial female figure in bronze with an exposed interior structure steaming after a hot patina has been applied by Blake Ward Blake Sculpture

I’ve just heard a wonderfully inspiring TedTalk by Dan Pallotta in which he discusses our dreams and how we should “dare to dream” in more than one dimension. [1]

Needless to say, just that idea in itself is enough to send a sculptor running back to the studio!

He talks about the different dimensions such as scientific and technological progress, and about how far we’ve come.

We dream, make plans, strive and build our dreams while completely ignoring the other areas in our lives.

While shinning the spotlight on one dimension, we obscure the suffering that can come about from ignoring others.

It seems we have forgotten to look after ourselves, after our own dreams and after the dreams of those we love.

Do we dream the same dreams?

Will I share yours and will you share mine?

Somehow we are so obsessed with our goals that we sacrifice the emotional and human dimensions of our lives.

A ten year plan is a brilliant idea, in the words of Leonard Berstein: “Two things are necessary for great achievement: a plan and not quite enough time”[2] but not at the expense of our lives.

Emotional distance from each other and from ourselves, predisposes us to an endless abyss of loneliness that can be avoided.

It seems that in our rush to reach the end of the rainbow that we have labeled ‘our dream’, we completely pass each other by, like ships in the night.

We seem to just look through each other at times and in our blind race to the finish line we miss out on what is really important.

And why?

Because our biggest fear is “…that we will be denied the opportunity to fulfill our true potential, that we are born to dream and we might die without ever having the chance.” [3]

Our inner world and its landscape is a dimension that deserves the same attention and the same fervor as the rest of our goals and our rainbow will never make us happy if we cannot consider the other dimensions.

We all deserve a chance to build the happy dreams we’ve dared to dream, because it isn’t reserved for just the few.

It’s for anyone who has ever had a broken dream.

It’s for anyone who has the courage to accept that fear is human and that loving without limits can be the catalyst to transcending into a state of multi dimensional dreaming.

Compassion and humanity, humility and the courage to cry together, to love each other with all our hearts and be each other’s shelter from that deep existential fear because AMOR VINCIT OMNIA  (love conquers all).

In the end, it boils down to those concepts that we hold so close to our hearts: awareness, mindfulness and inner beauty.

By Boky & Blake