Les Clef D’Arc – Gargoyles

Entitled Les Clef D'Arc - Gargolys, this is a photograph depicting a series of four life-size bronze male portraits, created by sculptor Blake Ward

At first repulsive and repugnant, the substance of nightmares; the real intentions of these gargoyles are entirely benevolent. In ancient times, this type of portrait served on temples and graves to avert the forces of evil and ward off unwanted spirits. Later they became decorative keystones to arches and portals, often without the knowledge of their original purpose.

The incongruously pagan nature of gargoyles, found on early Christian churches and palazzos in France and Italy, have origins in mythological narratives, these powerful life-size portraits depict some of the characters that may guard the passage to Hades.

They are to be exhibited in pairs, placed back to back, with one side depicting the warrior or the beast defending this mythical domain and, on the opposite side, representing the peaceful, yet sometimes unhappy existence known to the dead in the Underworld.

The word Gargoyle may have evolved from the mythological characters, known as the Gorgons, who were found before the entrance to Hades and accompanied Grief and Anxiety, along with Diseases and Old Age, Fear, Hunger, Death and Agony. “Close to the doors many other beasts are known to dwell such as the Centaurs and the Gorgons.”

Bronze Monaco 1993
Edition of 8

Dimensions #1
Height 67 cm 26.3 in
Width 55 cm 21.6 in
Depth 35 cm 13.7 in

Dimensions #2
Height 60 cm 23.6 in
Width 70 cm 27.5 in
Depth 50 cm 19.6 in

Dimensions #3
Height 63 cm 24.8 in
Width 60 cm 23.6 in
Depth 40 cm 15.7 in

Dimensions #4
Height 57 cm 22.4 in
Width 53 cm 20.8 in
Depth 36 cm 14.1