An Inner World

In my professional work as a sculptor it has always been clear to me that the source for my imagination is deep within myself.

This belief has led me over the years to a great deal of introspection and the desire to develop this inner world from which I nourish and support my creative spirit.

Finally this inner search has become a foundation and the figurative language with which I express myself has evolved into a new dialect of exciting and advancing work.

As you might imagine this ongoing exercise has brought me to create a body of artwork that is based on this inner sanctum.

As with anything that we wish to learn we need to find those who can guide us through the various texts that will assist us in this quest.

We need to search for those who can share the types of experiences that can provide a guiding light to the knowledge we seek.

This process can get rather confusing, especially when confronted with terms that we have heard but are not sure exactly what they mean.

Ego is one of these, I am unsure of what it is, other then “I” or the “me’ inside myself.

When I read things that say we need to get rid of the “I”, well I get confused.

Finally when I was offered a text about “Duality” I began to understand…

As far as I can determine, it is logical to consider that you need a subject and an object in order to talk about something.

That is to say perception can not perceive, or a thought can not have a thought.

So in metaphysical terms we must have an “I” in order to perceive and make sense of those things around us.

If we get rid of our “I” then we become a part of the whole, in other words,  we are the wave that is rolling on the ocean but this wave is also a part of the ocean.

“There is no separate, inside self and no separate outside object, other or world. Rather, there is one seamless, intimate totality, always changing when viewed from the perspective of objects and never changing when viewed from the perspective of the totality.” Robert Spira

By Boky