Happiness is yours to keep

In one of the many self help books that I have read, (OK, I like ‘feel good’ books that give me hope about the future), they talked about the need to practice something in order to become proficient at it, and they mentioned three different levels of practice. [1]

The first was the easiest level where you know the work and practicing it is not challenging.

The second contains work that is difficult but you can struggle through it.

This is where you will need to push yourself and “lean into the discomfort.”

The last level is so difficult that you will not be able to function properly and it will be almost impossible to complete or learn the task.

Of these, the second level is where you learn the most, the practice is difficult but possible.

Lately I’ve been leaning into all sorts of discomfort and I must say, it has been quite a refreshing experience!

For some people these things may be simple and a part of their everyday life, while for others these can be difficult but not impossible.

For a minority of people these may be tasks that cause panic and are impossible for them to even try to do.

Often when confronting difficult practice I feel anxiety creeping up and I try to let it go by telling myself to stay calm.

I have found that this can actually make the anxiety worse!

What seems to work better for me is trying to tell myself to get excited about whatever it is that is perturbing me.

This new energy seems to help me concentrate and I find the anxiety is overrun by the excitement.

When I get frustrated because something I’m doing isn’t quite working out, I might take a walk and think of how many different ways I could approach the problem.

The more I think about it, the more ideas come to mind and the more excited I get and before you know it I’m on my way back to the studio!

If I am afraid to go into the basement alone I take a flashlight, all my courage, a deep breath and go down to do battle with those monsters.

Later, when I can’t find the monsters I do feel a bit silly and hope that no one heard me screaming my war cry as I descended into their lair.

We can change negative thoughts, not by telling them to go away, but rather by replacing them with their antithesis, or facing them head on.

Our happiness and success is in our minds as it is our minds that determine the approach.

Happiness is yours to keep, no matter what throws you for a loop….

By Boky and Blake

[1] Colvin, G. (2008) Talent is Overrated, New York, NY, USA: Penguin

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  1. The above blog touched my heart so deeply,”Happiness is yours to keep” your heart is beautiful as well as your talent. Following your steps 🙂

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