Fractured Beauty 2017 Malaysia

Invitation for Fragments Exhibition George Town Festival Penang Malaysia 2017 by Blake Ward

Fractured Exhibition

In its third year contributing to the George Town Festival, Penang gallery base2 is exploring the fragility of beauty inspired by conflict in the region. Fractured presents a mix of paintings and sculptures to exhibit the conflicting fragments of lives, people, countries and turmoil that inspire art.

Monaco-based artist Blake Ward, after a lifetime of art, has exhibited all over the world including Europe, South-East Asia, Canada, the USA, the UK and Hong Kong, and has galleries in Chicago, Montreal, Vancouver and Bergamo, Italy, with plans to expand this year.

His work was described by the BBC as ‘strangely beautiful’, referencing an exhibition he held in London (Fragments, 2007), in which he aimed to draw attention to the terrible suffering of landmine victims in Vietnam.

His haunting works in Fractured for the George Town Festival are equally illuminating. In his own words, Blake’s “obsession” with traditional figurative sculpture has developed a particular method of communication: “My language is the figure and I feel the need to comment on the human condition, sometimes distorted by demons, and other times enchanted by all that is pure within us.”

Although relatively new to the George Town Festival, base2 is an integral part of the city’s art development.

The spacious, white-cube gallery sits in direct contrast to the less informal galleries that inhabit a number of George Town’s rustic shophouses, and brings a more academic level to George Town’s art scene.

Curated by Witness Collection, base2 has quickly made a name for itself by exhibiting rare and, sometimes, controversial South-East Asian art in a space that prides itself in museum quality preservation and presentation, complete with its very own art conservator.

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Date: 28 July – 3 September 2017

Time: 11:00am – 9:00pm

Venue: base2, 8 Gurney, Gurney Drive

Ticket: Free Admission

*Please note that this exhibition is by appointment only.