Forum des Artists 2018 Monaco

The 3D Digital Print cast in Bronze

Devorah, the first edition of my adventures in digital sculpture, was created using Z-brush (3D software originally intended for film animation). Through her, the human figure merges with the digital world, willfully maintaining elements of traditional figurative sculpture.

A bronze sculpture was created in wax and cast using the traditional lost wax method. This bronze; entitled Andromeda, was designed as a prototype for the edition of sculptures to come and, once cast in bronze, was digitally scanned in order to create the core artwork upon which different versions of Andromeda will be developed.

Once a modified version of Andromeda is created using the 3D software and an interior structure added to the new sculpture, the digital information file is emailed to the foundry Artcast in Canada.

There, under the supervision of the foundry, the file is printed on a SLS powder bed printer in a wax polymer. The wax print is then cast in bronze in the usual manner.

The 62 cm version entitled Devorah, will be cast in an edition of three with one Artist Proof.

This process offers incredible creative freedom as it allows for the integration of elements that could not have been created by hand, and would have been impossible to cast, either as a unique piece or in an edition.

The original prototype as well as the 3D print will be shown at the Forum des Artists in Monaco between the 8th and 17th of  June 2018 at the Auditorium Rainier III.
Devorah 3D Print