How can I engage you?

If I can engage you then you will want me.

You will take me home with you.

But what does engaging you really mean?

Must I show you a portrait of my soul?

You know, like in Munch’s The Scream will you feel pity for the horror I depict?

Will you understand that I am protecting myself from the noise and not amplifying the sound?

What must I portray if I am to engage you?

And what does that really mean?

Will there be a moment of epiphany where I touch your heart?

Will I perhaps remind you of something in your past or even your present?

Still, if that is why I engage you, then why would you want me at all?

Dreams cannot be depicted in three dimensions…they exist in our ethereal world, yet we cannot touch them or freeze them.

Like our memories, our happiest moments and our deepest heartaches, they are concretely invisible and don’t exist in the tangible world.

Primal emotions, while just as impalpable can be expressed in materialized form with sculpture.

Angels and Phantoms are visual expressions of the ‘persona’ and how that came to be.

They are diaphanous expressions of truth, of authenticity.

They are the they are the rebel, the non-conformist shouting out in the hopes of being understood.

They are the lighthearted happiness of children, they are instinct, they are us, who we were, who we are and who we want to be.

They are you.

Each one speaks of a different you, of a different moment of your life, of a different facet of your heart.

Angels and Phantoms are about You!