An Angel at my Door

Can there be an angel at my door ?

There are so many different layers of reality in each and every second that we are alive.

These realities may be imagined or proposed, ultimately they may be experienced. It is a question of perspective.

Every point of view comes with a different set of elements that will inevitably create a different reality.

From where I stand the world is full of opportunity and with each creation, with each sculpture that I build, I can tell another story, show a different perspective, propose another experience.

The Angels and the Phantoms are wonderful in this way.

They allow for new points of view, for new stories.

Each one exists within its own reality, and yet when we study one, we in turn, create a whole other set of ideas surrounding the piece.

In stepping back to look, in having to analyze it ourselves, without the help of a description of any kind, we may expand our own realities.

Reality is variable depending on your point of view, and the only thing we can be absolutely certain of is change.

What changes is the layer of our perception and therefore of our understanding.

Expanding our consciousness is part of this trend being followed in the Spirit collection.

They represent hope and strength and may find a way into a future where what is stressed is the glory of the present and that of our dreams as they materialize before our eyes.

Unlike the Fragments collection, while it too represents hope, it does so on a completely different plane of reality, that of the culmination of humanity’s inhumanity.

The hope it represents is that of helping put an end to the killing fields.

The Angels are meant to open our hearts and expand our minds by exposing different points of view….all within ourselves.

Our complexity as individuals is so clear to see and so beautiful to admire, although sometimes challenging to comprehend.

That is the mission of the Angels and the Phantoms.

They are messengers that speak of our expanding consciousness so we may get a grip on our own humanity; its strengths and its weaknesses included.

Have you ever been touched by an Angel?

By Boky and Blake