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Blake and Boky Nice Matin

Blake and Boky: a meeting of art and love – English Translation

They are the only two Monegasque resident artists presenting their works at the Point Art Salon, which takes place until Sunday at the Grimaldi Forum.

In the hushed aisles of the exhibition Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World, they both radiate from the  Maison d’Art stand .

Blake Ward and Boky Hackel present a new series of nine sculptures known as Ushabti Angels.

Created by four hands they chased these bronzes; half emaciated (or unfettered) extremely delicate and sensual, which give an incredible feeling of lightness.

“This is our first joint exhibition in Monaco,” says Boky Hackel, almost modestly.

She, a Monegasque resident for twelve years, learned many sculptural techniques with Blake.

He, a resident for the past twenty-five years has three sculptures in the public gardens of the city.

Yet it is mainly in other parts of the world that he exhibits, especially in Canada, his native country.

It is in Monaco, of course, where they met.

For theirs, it must be said, is first and foremost a love story.

It is undeniable how well they fit together.

And this passionate love is carried over to their sculpture.

In their studio at 5, rue des Violettes, they create daily, shaping, and modeling the waxes to cast.
“I worked alone for forty years,” explains Blake.

“Sharing the creative process; is a dream come true.”

There are few artists who manage to find this complicity.

Even fewer are those who work in the respect of the other.  (Especially since in the history of sculpture we find a few sad examples….)

“We know what needs to be done next, says Blake. “Boky sees the same things that I see.”

They are both complementary, hardworking and talented.

They love each other. And we love them.

Joelle Deviras


Blake et Boky: rencontre d’art et d’amour

Ils sont les deux seuls artistes résidents monégasques à présenter leurs œuvres au salon Point Art qui se déroule jusqu’à dimanche au Grimaldi Forum.

Dans les allées feutrées du salon Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World, ils rayonnent tous les deux au stand Maison d’Art. Blake Ward et Boky Hackel présentment une nouvelle serie de neuf sculptures qu’ils on entitulée Ushabti Angels.
C’est à quatre mains qu’ils ont façonné, ensemble, ces bronzes à demi décharnés, extrênement délicats et sensuels, qui donnent une impression incroyable de légèreté.

“C’est notre première exposition commune à Monaco”, explique tout simplement, presque pudiquement, Boky Hackel.  Elle, résidente monégasque depuis douze ans, a appris les techniques de la sculpture auprès de Blake.  Lui, résident monégasque depuis vignt-cinq ans, a notament trois sculptures installées dans les jardins publics de la ville.  Mais c’est surtout à travers le monde qu’il expose, notamment au Canada, son pays natal.

Et c’est à Monaco, évidemment, qu’ils se sont rencontrés.  Car elle et lui, faut-il-le dire, c’est d’abord une histoire d’amour.  Ils vont d’ailleurs si bien ensemble que c’est criant d’évidence.  Et cette passion amoureuses’est exprimée dans la sculpture.  Dans l’atelier du 5, rue des Violettes, ils créent, modèlent, façonnent chaque jour.

“J’ai travaillé seul durant quarante ans, explique Blake.  Partager la création, c’etait un rève”.  Bien rares sont les artistes qui parviennent à trouver cette connivance.  Encore plus rares sont ceux qui œuvrent dans le respet de l’autre. (Surtout que dans l’histoire de la sculpture, on a quelques tristes exemples….) “On sent ce que l’on a besoin de faire, poursuit Blake.  Boky voit la même chose que moi”.  Ils sont tous les deux complémentaires, fusionnels, travailleurs acharnés, et aussi talentueux.  Ils s’aiment.  Et on les aime.
Joelle Deviras

Point Art Monaco

The fifth edition of Point Art Monaco is on now until the 26 July 2015 at the Grimaldi Forum.

Participating in this show are sixteen internationally renowned galleries whose expertise and experience make the event one that is not to be missed.

This year, five major brands of fine jewellery are joining these great names of the art market, united by the event Jewels of the World.

The fair becomes Point Art Monaco & Jewels of the World and it is with this new identity that it takes its place even more fully in the dynamic cultural scene that is particular to the Principality in the year 2015.

The Ushabti Angels

There are nine works on display in our Monaco gallery, Maison d’Art‘s stand, and would like to thank ‘de tout coeur’  Marietta Vinci-Corsini for believing in our work.  We are thrilled to be there amongst the world’s leading art dealers and invite you all to come to see an amazing art fair.

Also, we’d like to thank all of our friends for coming out in full force to support us on opening night.  It was great seeing you and sharing a moment together.

Thank you all!

Blake & Boky

Point Art Monaco 2015



Please join us at the Point Art Monaco Art Fair

For Official Opening Cocktail 21st of July 2015 from 19:00

At the Grimaldi Forum in the Principality of Monaco

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