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Figurative Alchemy

Opening    “Figurative Alchemy”

Please join us for the Opening of a Solo Exhibition:
Thursday 3 July  2014  from 6pm

Vous êtes invités à vous joindre à nous pour le vernissage de l’exposition
“L’Alchimie Figurative” le jeudi 3 juin, a 18h00 Read more

The Interior

It all began with a simple decision to do things differently.

I wanted to see inside the figure, simply because you rarely see the interior of a bronze sculpture.

As a result my work became an exploration into this exposed interior, which in turn became a quest to underline the importance of that inner world.

I felt a need to understand what we have inside of us, and believe this is important because we often don’t think as much of ourselves as we should.

Often the way others see us is much better than the way we see ourselves.

We deny ourselves the self-esteem that we actually deserve.

In order to comprehend our value we need to seek out the truth about ourselves.

If we could take a good look inside and reflect honestly on what we see; our behavior and values, we might find that we are of more value than we think.

This ignites an awareness that is the staircase leading deeper into the person we really are.

It is this consciousness that will allow us to leave behind some of the old ideas about ourselves.

While it is often very difficult to see through the layers of illusion we have created as a part of our identity, I believe that this look into our inner world, our thoughts and feelings, can lead us toward serenity.

Honest reflection may give us a new perspective.

This may begin simply by asking your self a few questions like; think about the people you respect and admire the most, what are the qualities that garner that respect and can you find those same qualities in yourself?

What are the things that you are passionate about?

What are the things that hold your curiosity and why do they interest you?

What is it in you that makes you different from other people you know?

What would you like someone to write as your epitaph?

Journaling is also a powerful way of investigating the significance of your own feelings and experiences.

It’s a very effective way of developing an understanding into your patterns of behavior.

As your belief in yourself increases, so does your ability to accomplish anything your heart desires.

By Boky and Blake

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