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When we love soldiers

“Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt

Somehow I have this idea that the secret to my happiness is through work, in fact, it is Read more

Join Us for Some Festive Cheer

December 19, 2013    Holiday Season Celebration Continental Art Fair Gallery

Please join us for some festive cheer at The Continental Art Fair Gallery in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

Thrusday 19th of December 2013 from 7pm

jeudi 19 décembre 2013 à partir de 19h

3, Avenue Jean Mermoz SAINT JEAN CAP FERRAT, France


Our Dreams Reinvent Us

Freud’s Requiem… what a great title!

In his premise the author alludes to the idea that what we create is nothing more than the subterfuge of our psyche.

Originally I was not pleased at this accusation!

That I (or my mind) would create using Read more

Magic or Sorcery?

The picture I’ve posted here are my tools.  This is my workstation where the wax is melted and from which an angel is born.

These tools are my pen and paper that allow me to step into Kafka’s world for a split second and create my own version of The Metamorphosis.

met·a·mor·pho·sis Read more

Something from Nothing

Sometimes words are simply not enough to describe the process of creation.

It all begins with a glimmer of something, it could be anything; the way the sun reflects the light, the lingering image of someone walking away from us in the rain,

or even something so ethereal that the mind itself cannot understand it but the heart has already created a blueprint from which a work of art will be born.

The trigger could be anything at all. The secret lies in the heart. The heart has perfect pitch… nothing escapes it.

Its hearing is much more acute and goes far beyond any transcriptional figment that the imagination can provide us with.

Sometimes we are shooting in the dark, but it doesn’t matter, we begin and the work of art itself tells us where to go.

This piece began with her base, through a comment from a friend who spoke of an angel’s wish to fly.

Yet, it is another angel who stands by me and points out the heart inside the work that I so often miss.

She speaks so quietly, passing her words to me and claiming no part of bringing the piece to life…

As if I alone could grant that wish and coax this figure into flight.

The process begins with a simple piece of clay or block of wax, something of very little value can be transformed.

It is that longing, that desperate need to say something even when no one is there to listen that makes an artist.

I have been lucky, as my heart has led me to be of help but more because

I have someone who has pointed to a passing spark and whispers to me those words upon which my hands can build.

With Fragments I was able to take that worthless blob of clay and make it into something that had value and in turn that sculpture was transformed into hope.

One more landmine removed, perhaps a limb was saved.  This is the ultimate achievement to me.

The Angels and the Phantoms speak of our inner selves, of our strengths, our weaknesses and more of our hearts.

I am told that they trigger introspection in many viewers.

If this is true then they too have the power to change our lives.

As Jon Kabat-Zinn so often says with regards to meditation: “Practice like your life depends on it, because it does, in so many ways.”

The awareness of our breathing, of our emotions and of our mind and its power to carry us through even the difficult times is a passport to happiness…to a brighter future.

My most heartfelt desire is that one day something that I create could serve someone… somehow to make their world a better place.

By Boky and Blake

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